End to End

End to End went on hiatus in August of 2009 after printing two issues. The magazine will continue to be on hold, but I will be periodically updating this website.

I am currently the owner and editor for a website called CSLinsider.com, and my time is dedicated to that website. I began writing full time for CSLinsider in August of 2009, covering all boys and girls varsity sports in the Central Suburban League just north of Chicago’s city limits. I took over ownership of the site in June of 2013.

Though the site remains my top priority, basketball remains as one of my biggest interests both as a writer and observer. Aside from stories I’ve written for this website, you will find stories I’ve written for SLAM and Justin Young’s National Hoops Report. While I have primarily written stories on high school players, you will also find stories on some college and professional hoopers I’ve featured as well. Hopefully you find them all still interesting to read even though they’re dated. It is fun for me to look back at what I wrote and how the respective players have progressed.

I will continue to update this site with my work periodically and appreciate any time you take to read what you find on this site.

- Danny Hazan

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at dhazan@CSLinsider.com